About Me

Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Adeyinka Ojo, the creator of Adun’s kitchen.

As a young mother and wife, cooking has been a major part of my everyday life and I am totally obsessed with it. Food is really a good thing, hahaha. Food has been everything for me, my love for food cannot be overemphasized.

Okay, on a lighter note, this blog was created because as the food enthusiast that I am, I want to share everything about food and also to entrench my cooking skills. 

This blog will not only be about African foods but also Intercontinental dishes, tips for healthy and delightful meals.  The main goal is to bring on here every food I know, yes! everything in as much as I have tried them, and they are beneficial to me, and can be to anyone out thereā€¦ I will be sharing them on this blog. 

So, It’s all about good and healthy food and also about the rudiments that surround cooking.

I’m super excited you are here, it means a lot to me. Please, stay glued to Adun’s Kitchen because everything is going to be a hit back to back.