Cat fish Peppersoup
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 How To Cook Catfish Pepper Soup

Catfish pepper soup is one of the African cuisines that stands out due to its spiciness and delicious taste. An excellent soup that many Africans love, especially Nigerians. It is specially served at social gatherings like birthdays, restaurants, beach parties, and some other occasions. I love the spiciness of pepper soup and how I can […]

okro with chiken soup

Okra Soup: Things you don’t know

Okra Soup (Okro), is a low-calorie vegetable, and a rich source of dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. This soup is also referred to as lady’s finger, miyan Kubera, or gumbo, depending on the environment you find yourself in. It is slimy, easy to find and cook, and can be called one of Nigeria’s national dishes […]