Why I Love To Cook – My First Blog Post

I am happy because I am doing this for the very first time, amazing, right? it is my first post and I am sharing with you the reason why I love to be here, you already know the reason I am here or let me just say it out, I am here because I love to cook, you can call me a foodie too because I love to cook, eat my food and not anybody’s food. So, to me cooking is a pleasure, it is fun. 

The Beginning of my Cooking Journey

Since I was young, I have always loved to cook. I am the only girl child of my parents and this made me have great experiences in the kitchen with my mommy. I started cooking for my family at age 8 with my mommy’s guidance. 

As the only girl child and last born, I was left with no option but to help my mommy in the kitchen and sometimes I cook alone for everybody in my family whenever she couldn’t do it due to stress from work. They started loving my meals more because I was more creative with it, although without the basic learning I don’t think I would have been able to try new things on my own. so, kudos to my momma.

4 Main Reason Why I Love Cooking

1. Cooking Brings Happiness

I love to cook because through my food, I make people happy and I meet their needs of having a delicious meal. When people eat good food, I see the happiness in them that comes with praises and even prayers. This alone is fulfilling for me.

2. My Tireless Task

Cooking has been something that I don’t get tired of doing. It can be difficult and challenging at times but the joy and fulfilment it brings is enough motivation. 

3. The unending discussion about food

I find myself discussing food with friends and family always, this is obviously because food is a necessity but I love my food and I love to talk about it.

4. I have a motivator

My husband also motivates me in cooking because he doesn’t joke with good food, he likes varieties and of course with very good taste.

Why This Cooking Journey?

So, cooking means a whole lot to me, it is what I enjoy doing every day, it brings satisfaction.

This writing journey started because I love to cook, and I want us to explore new things relating to food together. I want to learn from you and also share any new recipes with you.

This is what matters to me at the moment, to share with you and also learn from you. I believe it will help my culinary passion more, it will help me to keep growing through it.

Final Note

So, there you have it, and I hope you have gained one or two things from my cooking gist. In subsequent articles, I will be sharing some basic recipes with you, our everyday recipes, especially the recipes I have tried. I will also be sharing new recipes from the ones I discover and some that I will create. We will be working together to achieve this. I promise you will have a great time.

I will see you shortly. Hope you find my story interesting? Please encourage me to write more by leaving a comment below. 


  1. I remember the day bread and ewa saved my life

    Since then I understood the importance of food. Good food?! Maybe I’m yet to dive into the experience.

  2. Love This! Thank you for sharing your heart with us! Please write more, and share videos too😉 Can’t wait to cook alongside recipes from Adun’s kitchen ❤️

  3. What a fantastic read…
    I can testify to your love for cooking as ‘ve seen you in your element doing what you love.
    You go gurl

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